Chile, South lands for sale.

Great investment opportunity, for you and your family.

Plots overlooking Lake Villarica Volcano Pullinque and, with around 3,138 acres (12,700 m2) located 20 Kms approximate Panguipulli by 7 lakes route, paved access in an exclusive and unique area for tourism or housing projects because the plots they have their own role and are exempt from indigenous lands.

In this town there are different ways to spend unforgettable days, a number of places to know, in addition to various cultural and sports activities that you can do, to a better quality of healthy life.

Among so many cultural itenes we find activities that go from knowing and enjoying the thermal baths, activities of rural tourism, ethnic products, photography and observation of flora and fauna. There are also Mapuche communities that offer tourist services based on their culture,many other things

For a healthy life, you have a number of sports that you can practice, among them is rafting, hiking, canopy, kayaking, hiking, trekking, horseback riding and many more things, in which you can finish and enjoy the day with a very rich variety and strong local gastronomy.


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